Who is The Cathedral Knave?

Nikolaus Pevsner KBE

Sir Cathedral Knave

The Cathedral Knave is a youngish man who is unusually fanatical about cathedrals. He enjoys them for the stories that they inhere and for the endeavour that they embody. 

The (K)nave at Ely

The (K)nave at Ely

The Knave is on a mission – a personal pilgrimage, of kinds – to visit, photograph and write about all 44 of the cathedral churches within the 42 dioceses of the Church of England. He has written about 11 already (that’s 25%!) and has notes about four more from last year’s cathedral ‘holiday’… There is technically no timeframe within which to complete the project but it is likely that his edacious enthusiasm will propel him towards the half way mark relatively quickly – he started in March 2014.

If you choose to follow The Cathedral Knave, do not be surprised by his rather light-hearted, imaginative approach to history, the most interesting bits of which will be reduced, hammed-up, sometimes even fictionalised, until (on occasion) only a kernel of truth remains. His take is a playful one and, at its best, pun-riddled. But it’s not only historical characters he’ll meet (former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, will attest to that…) as he seeks to explore what cathedrals mean and do to him. In certain instances, therefore, knavishness may give way to more earnest reflections or opinions but, be assured…

Above all, The Knave just wishes to carry a clear story.

Brought up as a Christian (C of E), the Knave does not
practise at present. The solace he finds in cathedral naves is currently of a non-religious nature.

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