The countdown is over…

Saturday 9th August: KNAVE OFF…!

The Knave and steed

The Knave and steed

The tour begins!


‘The Great North Road’ – the A1 is nearly as old as Sheffield Cathedral itself…

First stop Sheffield… Follow the sign below for Twitter live updates; draft extracts and impressions will also be available via the Knave Notepad as time and inspiration permits!


The countdown is over. The tour has begun! Please divert your attention to the Knave Notepad for further information…

Friday 8th August: 1 DAY TO GO!

Double Gloucester

Double Gloucester

The Knave is 34 years old today – that’s 891 years younger than the foundation stone of Gloucester Cathedral, laid in 1089. Well now you know! What more you learn about Gloucester and its cathedral will depend entirely on how many of today’s pre-tour teasers you read, below! The Knave will be visiting Gloucester on Tuesday 19th August, with Sister Knave and Nephews Knave the Elder and Knave the Younger.

Thursday 7th August: 2 days to go!

Chester plan

A fascinating plan of Hollyoaks Cath – no! -Chester… showing quite how many eras our wonderful cathedrals can span.

The Knave will be on the Hollyoaks filmset on Sunday 17th August, the grandest part of which is Chester Cathedral, building of which – in the form of a Benedictine Abbey – pre-dates the inception of the aforementioned TV soap opera by 902 years. What more interesting teasers will The Knave serve up over Twitter today?

Wednesday 6th August: 3 days to go!

Liverpool Cathedral (© amWalker44 on Flickr)

The Merseyside Mammoth, Liverpool Cathedral (© amWalker44 on Flickr)

In preparation for his visit to Liverpool on Saturday 16th August, The Knave unearths facts true and false about the city and its cathedral. Can you sift the veracious from the fallacious? Is Liverpool the largest Anglican cathedral in the world? Did The Beatles abseil down it in 1967? Does Usain Bolt want to race inside it? Was it really designed by a student? Sewage systems, estuary swimming and death-defying clergymen all get a mention, as does Father Knave’s “Tweeter” tutorial.

Tuesday 5th August: 4 days to go


Ill-treated Carlisle – the hatchback of English cathedrals

Today the Knave focusses his e-binoculars on poor old Carlisle, up in the far north-western corner of England. Ruthlessly truncated by Parliamentarians during the Civil War in order to reinforce Carlisle Castle, the nave is still just two bays long, meaning that the cathedral is able to claim the modest honour of being England’s smallest. The Knave’ll be visiting Carlisle on Thursday 14th August, en route to a bunkhouse with no mains electricity, mobile reception or wifi, 3.5 miles walk up Skiddaw.

Monday 4th August: 5 days to go

Iain Wilmshurst

Durham Cathedral Works Yard Manager, Iain Wilmshurst (image: courtesy of The Journal, 30 May 2014)

Durham Cathedral is the next to endure The Knave’s pre-tour enthusiasm! It is, by all accounts, one of the most remarkable architectural achievements in Europe – a credit to those who built it 900 years ago and to those who still maintain it today. Speaking of the latter, the Knave today confirmed an interview with Durham Cathedral’s Works Yard Manager, Iain Wilmshurst, 40 years a cathedral servant. Imagine the stories he might tell!

Sunday 3 August: 6 days until departure

Well with the Ripon tour date cancelled, there were no #theknaveontour cathedral/town tweet-teasers to be firing off into the ether but don’t think that meant nothing passed at all… Father Knave started ‘Twitting’, Ripon visited Ely…


A little piece of Ripon comes to Ely

…and the Knave Notepad was redefined:

Knave Notepad at Ely

Defining the Knave Notepad at Ely

Saturday 2 August: 7 days ’til Knave-off

Disappointment in Ripon

A fan in Ripon reacts to news of The Knave’s amended tour schedule

And then there was York (which also bore the Knave’s transmissions mutely), Mother Knave enters the Twitter fray and a dramatic amendment to The Knave’s tour schedule…:

Friday 1 August: 8 days to go


The Knave has enjoyed mixed success on Twitter…

The countdown to our cathedral venture has begun. Friday 1st August saw the formal inauguration of the doubtless-soon-to-be-trending-hashtag #theknaveontour. It marks the first of 8 days on which The Knave will be tweeting day-by-day on each of the 8 cathedrals and towns in which he will be sojourning. Sheffield was the first (silent) martyr of The Knave’s virtual attentions.

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