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The Knave on Tour roadmap

The Knave on Tour: the road trip all mapped out – 1000 miles, 7 cathedrals (sorry Ripon!), 1 glorious Albion!

August 2014 saw The Knave embark upon a 1000 mile road trip around glorious Albion, taking in seven more Anglican cathedrals en route.

From the fens of Cambridgeshire, through the hills and vales of Yorkshire, up the windswept coast of Northumbria, along the borderline and into the Lakeland fells of Cumbria, to the estuary breezes of merseyside, down King Offa’s ancient dyke into the town of books and onward to journey’s end, in Devon, and Mother Knave’s 60th birthday celebrations.

It was a solo trip, perhaps even a pilgrimage of kinds.


Durham was a highlight, in all its “Romanesque magnificence” (Rowan Williams), sitting resolutely atop its riverside cliff – the Knave had felt drawn to it since this project began and approached it as very much the centrepiece of his tour.

Durham Cathedral (© Mark Hume on Flickr)

Durham Cathedral (© Mark Hume on Flickr)

What other Knavery ensued?! You’ll have to keep an eye on this site for each new piece as it appears!


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